Wood Carved Bottle Stopper Cork Mechanical Man and Woman Kissing~ Anri

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This is for the purchase of an original Anri bottle stopper with mechanical man and woman kissing.  Item in photos is actual item being purchased.  Please message if you have questions.

> I believe this to be an original Anri based on the colors and significant research.  This item was an estate sale find and based on the home and the owners obvious passion for Italy and wine it provides great backing as to identifying this as original Anri.

> Colors- Orange/butterscotch, green, brown, black, red and light blue
> Cork is broken and would not recommend using as a bottle stopper but instead as a collectible decoration.  The previous owner did a fantastic job adhering the two halves and the best part is this still is the original cork.  I've seen collectors with an arched holder where their Anri stoppers are proudly displayed and this would fit perfectly.
> Age- estimated to be 1940's to possible early 1950's.  There are plenty of online sites selling Vintage Anri but pay close attention to the small metal pin shown in the back of the woman.  Many of the Anri I have found display this pin or sometimes 2 pins depending on the mechanical movement.
> If this cork were a single piece I would most likely ask $45 but with the worn paint on the top of the man's hat and the broken cork I have priced this very reasonably for a wonderful collectible.
> Perfect for the wine drinker in the family :)
> Size- Approximately 4 3/4" Tall x 1 3/4" Wide x 1 3/4" Deep
> Weight- Approximately 8 grams (Very light)
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