Wiener Email Manufaktur Handprinted Enamel Tray Austria Steinbock~ Michaela Frey

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This is for the purchase of a single and RARE 1950's Michaela Frey handpainted Enamel Tray (See details below explaining this conclusion).  The item in photos is actual item being purchased.  Please look at photos closely and if you would like a different photo angle, additional photo or have specific question please message me.
***Received on 03/23/17 directly from FREYWILLE in Vienna- "You have a very nice piece there!  It was handprinted in the 1950's in Vienna.  It is signed with 'Michaela Frey' the founder of our brand which was later renamed FREYWILLE.  The number 104 reflects the design number.  The inspiration are Austrian folkloric dancers doing a traditional dance, wearing traditional outfits 'Dirndl and Lederhosen'.  All the best from Vienna "Sissi Vogler".
Some of the background information below has been borrowed from the associated websites.
> The Frey Wille pieces are quite different in that the enamel is modern, cubist, though sometimes floral
> A former employee of Steinbock and kind of trainee was Michaela Frey, who later founded famous "Frey Wille."
The former name of the company was "Michaela Frey Emaillemanufaktur".  Frey Wille GmbH & Co KG, usually branded as FREYWILLE, is an enamel jewelery manufacturer based in ViennaAustria founded in 1951. The label is known for its hand decorated designs that are based on the works of 19th and 20th century artists. Next to its headquarters in Vienna, the company operates 86 shops worldwide. 
This exceptional item is believed to be one of Michaela Frey's early items when she worked for Steinbock.  They made most of this style tray as can be readily found on eBay, Etsy, RubyLane and various e-commerce sites.  I have been unable to find another example of Michaela Frey Handprinted trays.  Referring to the article listed at Miss Bargain Huntress above, a Steinbock family member stated that Michaela Frey was somewhat of a trainee at Steinbock in the 1950's.  This leads me to believe this handprinted tray was made by Michaela Frey when working for Steinbock.
> Wiener Email Manufaktur
> Artist Michaela Frey one of the founders of FreyWille in 1951
> Handprinted gold and enamel on metal
> Hallmark in handprinted gold shows Handmade in Austria with a capital A inside a circle and the number 104 underneath
> Original sticker shows Wiener Email Manufaktur Michaela Frey Handpainted
> Design is a whimsical Austrian design containing four appropriately dressed individuals surrounded by flowers and hearts.
> Colors- Cobalt Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Yellow & GOLD
> Measurement- Approximately 8" long x 5 3/4" wide x 3/4" high
> Weight- Approximately  198 grams (7 ounces)
This is a beautiful and colorful example of Michaela Frey and should be a highly sought after item for a collector of Steinbock, Arta, FreyWille, Michaela Frey, Academy of Art in Vienna and Brimmer.  Could be used as a serving tray or trinket tray.
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