Vintage Sterling Silver 800 Ring Bands Sz 6.75 & 7.5 Italian 1944-1968 (1 Ring)

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This is for the purchase of 1 Italian Sterling Silver 800 Ring.  Two rings are shown in some photos but this is for only 1 ring- Choose size 6.75 or 7.5.  Rings in photos are actual items being purchased.  I have done extensive research to find information pertaining to the specific hallmarks on these rings which is detailed at the below link.  I am not a jeweler nor an expert on Sterling Silver but I do a significant amount of research before listing my items.  Please message me if you have any questions.
> Rings are not rounded but actually have some depth to them by having a slight angular cut (Look at photos closely to see how sides have slight angle cut)
> Ring Sizes are approximately 6.75 & 7.5 as determined by a jewelers sizing stick.
> Estimated age is between 1944 & 1968.  Difficult to determine exact date; however a very good website ( ) explains why these rings fit into this designated time range.
> As taken from the above reference website... " In 1944, following the demise of the Fascist government, the "fasces" symbol was obliterated from the maker's mark.
> Silver standard is 800
> Silversmith registered to Milano Italy and given number 759
> Hallmarks show (Maker's Mark prescribed in standard form for that time period as a lozenge with cut sides and contains the silversmith's number (759) and a two letter abbreviation of the provence in which the silversmith was registered (MI- for Milano); Also shows Silver mark of 800 in the oval cartouche.
> Ring has been cleaned with Sterling Silver Cleaner as it was black from age and hallmarks could not be accurately identified unless it was cleaned.
> Perfect for someone that can truly appreciate the craftsmanship of an Italian ring of this time period.  Very well maintained Rings.
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