Vintage Kafin Chunky Bracelet Blue Stone Autumn Pine Cone Unsigned

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This is for the purchase of a single 1960's Kafin Bracelet.  Item in photos is actual item being purchased.  I am not a jeweler nor expert but extensive research has led me to feel very confident this is a Kafin  Bracelet.  I have added several links below showing examples that have allowed me to make the decision THIS IS NOT a Selro or Selini piece.
> Etsy contains an item showing a very similar bracelet only with White stones; however, I cannot provide the address per eBay guidelines.  Please search other KAFIN items for sale on eBay to see similarities in clasp, links and design characteristics.
> When researching photos online of Kafin Jewelry, almost every bracelet contained the same structure.
> Vintage Silver Tone Setting
> 4 Brilliant Blue Large Round Stones ; 9 Smaller Brilliant Blue Water-Bubble shaped Stones ; 7 Brilliant Blue Prong Set Rhinestones (1 missing as shown in photos)
> Bracelet has an Autumn feel with leaves, pine cones and vines for the 7 links making up the bracelet
The bracelet is unsigned but believed to be Kafin based on the elements, construction and motif. 
> Length- Approximate wearable length of 7 1/2" and is 1" wide. The fold over clasp is very secure with security chain.
> Weight- Approximately 80 grams
I was recently contacted by a very reputable expert on Selro/Selini jewelry confirming this cannot be one of their pieces.
> Though this style of Selro bracelet generally contains faces, there are plenty of examples showing diverse designs from flowers and leaves to elaborate stone coloring/shapes and varietal metal use.  Many of the Selro & Selini pieces were one-of-a-kind items created in the 1960's.  One of the primary reason this cannot be Selro or Selini is that they did not contain the safety chain that can typically be found on Kafin Bracelets.
The details in red below were borrowed from
> Much of Selro/Selini jewelry is unsigned and may have been originally hang-tagged.  There are some clues; however, to identifying unmarked Selro/Selini jewelry.  Many pieces have a unique bracing structure on the back of the jewelry that can lead to its identification.  Finally, Selinger's settings are extremely complex and detailed.  Salinger liked to use very decorative prongs in his settings with large, glass cabochon stones or heavily carved plastic stones and dangles.
The details in green below were borrowed from
> Experts say that some of the more memorable jewelry has large glass moonstone cabochons surrounded by teardrop glass petals of faux colored stones and faux pearls. Smaller stones are glued in with the larger ones and prong-set...

Settings are very complex and detailed.  It is also said that, as jewelry designs were improved upon, the name of the company changed. Selini jewelry was identical in style and size to those produced with the Selro name. Research has shown the face decorated jewelry to be similar or identical including the cabochons and rhinestones.  Many Selini jewelry pieces were sold with hang tags, and, consequently, not signed on the pieces themselves. Identification is made more difficult because these tags were often discarded when the jewelry was worn. It is said that Selro jewelry pieces were always signed on the pieces.  Kathie Davis, a researcher and collector of both Selro and Selini creations advises that, “When identifying bracelets please keep in mind almost every single Selro bracelet is composed of 5 sections. Often a connector between these sections is decorated or decorative, making it look like a small thin section but it’s usually not. Selro bracelets were not 7 inches. They are almost always 7-1/2 inches in length but sometimes we do find them in 8 inch lengths as well.  “…to identify Selro pieces that are unsigned [examining] connectors on bracelets are a good start, plus backs of pieces, construction and other identifying marks."

Even though this is a snake design it does show the interlinking of twisted loops and their popular fold over clasp

> Again shows the clasp and different sized blue stones
This Kafin bracelet is exceptional. It would make a fantastic addition to your collection.
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