Vintage Signed German Carved Resin 3D Wall Plate 8 1/2" Round~ Rare Grafenwohr

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This is for the purchase of a single decorative wall plate made in Germany.  Item in photos is actual item being purchased.
Added note: Grafenwoehr, Germany was apparently a military base/area in WWI and WWII.  I found a photo of hitler in a german car with "Der Fuhrer in Grafenwohr" on the side door (last photo).
> Grafenwohr is a town in the district of Neustadt, in the region of the Upper Palatinate in eastern Bavaria.  It is widely known for the current United States Army military installation and training area, called Grafenwohr Training Area, located directly south and west of the town.
> Image on the decorate wall plate is of the Forest house and Grafenwohr Twoer in the background.  The 137 foot tall Grafenwohr Tower began construction in 1909.  There are 2 water tanks with a total capacity of 55,723 gallons of water.  The water tower currently supplies water to the field camps on the outskirts of town as the city water systems do not have sufficient pressure needed to push water that far.
> At one point in history the area where the water tower sits was called Truppenubungsplatz.
> Size- Approximately 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" round and 7/8" thick
> Weight is approximately 1 pound
> Age- estimated to be from the 1950's to 1960's based on the subject matter and the style hook on the back as this square style was popular in the 1950's.
> Signed- SIC or SIE 237 (See photo)
> This has not been cleaned because I didn't know what to clean it with.  I used a horse tail brush to go over it but it did not get the deep dirt.
There are plenty of Vintage Carved wood/resin plates for sale online but I have been unable to find a single one with Grafenwohr, Germany.  This is particularly interesting to me considering the photo of Adolf Hitler visiting this town during the war.
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