Vintage CORO Cream Enamel Laurel Leaf Necklace Bracelet Earrings~ Unsigned

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This is for the purchase of an unsigned Coro Necklace, Bracelet and Earring set.  Item in photos is actual item being purchased.  I am not a jeweler nor expert but extensive research has led me to feel very confident these are Coro items.  Because the items are unsigned I cannot be 100% positive but they certainly follow the Coro design characteristics.  For this reason the pricing will be much lower than a signed set.  I have included a link to a remarkably similar necklace for sale on eBay.
> eBay contains an item (item number 252277605752) showing a very similar necklace
> My only question is the distinctive 3 dot pattern on the back of both the necklace and Bracelet along with a 2 dot pattern on earrings.  I have searched the internet to exhaustion and have been unable to find a similar item of jewelry that has these markings.  This is a really nice set.
> There are many examples of the leaf pattern used by Coro both signed and unsigned.
> Gold-Tone Setting
> Both the Bracelet and Necklace have laurel leaves; Necklace has 11 distinct sections of 3 laurel leaves and Bracelet has 7 distinct sections of 3 laurel leaves
> Length- Bracelet- Approximate wearable length of 7" and is 5/8" wide. The fold over clasp is very secure.
> Length- Necklace- Approximate wearable length can be 12" to 15 1/2" depending on where the J hook is placed and the width is also 5/8" wide
> Weight- Both pieces are very solid construction with a comfortable weight.
This Coro set is in exceptional condition. It would make a fantastic addition to a collection. Simple enough to be perfect for a young lady from college and older. 
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