Vintage 1960's Blue Enameled Brass Carved Judaic Passover Basket Israel Hebrew

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This purchase is for a single Blue Enameled Brass Carved Basket Made in Israel c1960's.  Please look at photos closely as you will see the excellent condition of this piece of Judaic Art.  This piece has not been cleaned...With an appropriate cleaner, this basket can look even more brilliant than it already does untouched.
> Made in Israel as stamped on the underside of the basket's brass edge
> The word Israel is carved in English on one side of the brass handle and is also carved into the other side of the handle in Hebrew
> Contains an elaborate rectangular brass plaque on the inside of the enameled basket with a passover fruit pattern consistent with the handle and trim
> The basket has a beautiful color of deep aqua blue iridescent enamel
> Pedestal is made of brass with an ornate scrolling key design
> Measures 10.25" long, 6" wide, 6.25" tall with the basket being approximately 1.75" deep

Great for someone who collects Judaica and can appreciate the beauty.  Could be used as a serving dish, accent piece or brought out during religious holidays as a celebration of Judaic history.  

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