Vintage 1940's Royal Rochester Waffle Iron E-6472 No Chord & Creamer/Syrup Container

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This is for the purchase of a single Royal Rochester E-6472 Electric Waffle Maker and a single Royal Rochester Cream/Syrup Container.  Items in photos are actual items being purchased.
> Manufacturer- Robeson Rochester Corp.
> Manufacturing Location- Rochester NY
> Model- Royal Rochester E-6472
> 116 - 125 Volts / 600 Watts  (Several other Royal Rochester Waffle Makers are 108 - 115 Volts / 600 Watts)
> No Electric Chord...Electric Prongs are round where many of the similar models I've found online are flat.
> Original had 3 bakelite handles attached to ornate metal arms...This is missing 2 and the only remaining handle is dark in color from age.
> Waffle Maker- appears to be silver plate
> Several of the items found online had a key to remove the base stand from the waffle maker...This is a solid item where the legs are riveted to the base.
> Creamer/Syrup Container is also Royal Rochester Model 2304
> Both items are very dirty and  have not been cleaned.  I'm not sure if the item will work with an electric chord attached so this may just be a parts item or someone collecting Royal Rochester Appliances.

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