Vintage 1940's Albert Nestler Darmstadt 21 Slide Rule Original Gold Stamped Box

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This is for the purchase of a single Albert Nestler No 21 (0210) Darmstadt Slide Rule.  The item in photos is actual item being purchased.  Please send a message if you have any questions.
***Nestler's version of the classic Darmstadt design. It is interesting to compare this very late model Nestler rule with the early 1960's Faber design and the more advanced 1970's Hemmi version in my collection. In terms of scale arrangement, it is virtually identical to the earlier Faber model (evidently, none of Hemmi's improvements made it back to Germany in time!). And although they've kept the extended primary scales, they've actually dropped most of the useful self-documenting features of the rule! Only the Pythagorean (P), exponent (LL2), and sine (S) and tangent (T) scales remain labelled. I can't quite figure that move out ... did they think that only these scales required explanation? Also like the Faber, the S & T scales are on the hard edge and the base Log (Lg) scale is on the slanted edge, although now with a centimeter ruler (well, that's some progress, I suppose). The most unusual feature of the scales is their old-fashioned ladder appearance ... I guess Nestler was trying to appeal to the nostalgic user at this point in the rapid decline and death of the slide rule. In fact, there is much about this rule that brings to mind an attempt to capture past glories. For example, the cursor has a nice substantial metal-framed glass design, unlike the all-plastic cursors that had been standard for some time by this period. The multi-hairline cursor also has an interesting translating piece for the slanted edge. In any case, the German conversion table on the back seems fairly well up to date. Oddly, the rule seems to be composed of several different types of wood.
I found the following details pertaining to this slide rule on the website Slide Rule Museum...
***Albert Nestler 21 - Darmstadt
> Made in Germany
> Front Scale [extended]  27cm, L // K, A [ B, CI, C ] D, P || Sin Cos, Tan Ctg
> Back Scale  [ LL1, LL2, LL3 ]
> Multilined cursor, offset center hairline, KW, q, PSd (notice broader lens on edge)
> Back: Equivalents (German and in perfect condition with no damage... absolutely complete)
> Magnifier (Cursor) is very clear and easily slides; has stamped information KW  PSd.
> Size- Approximately- 11 9/16" long (Closed) x 1 1/2" wide; 22 1/4" long (extended)
> Original leather looking cardboard carrying box with gold stamped Albert Nestler triangular logo and No 21; Box has very worn edges and one end of the box was and is partially taped.
> Age- Estimated 1940's
> Weight- Approximately 140 grams (with original cardboard box)
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