Vintage 1920's Marbled Green Brown Sunflower Bakelite Dress Scarf Clip

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This is for the purchase of a Delicate Vintage BakeLite Pin-Brooch-Dress Hat Clip.  The item shown in photos is actual item being purchased.
> Material- Appears to be BakeLite...I performed the recommended bakelite test of running warm water onto the items and a VERY STRONG Formaldehyde / camphor odor became present.  I did not use the 409 test as I'm not a big fan of using chemicals on vintage items.  I cannot overemphasize the strong odor when just running warm water over the jewelry.
> Size- Approximately 46mm (1 13/16") x 30mm (1 1/4") x 8mm (1/4")
> Color- Nice Dark Green and Brown (Almost has the appearance of Jade when looking closely into the green coloring)
> Closure- Folding Clip; Clip has a very nice tension and should hold well
> Age- Estimated to be 1920's based on similar items found that were bakelite and had similar surface texture
> Artist- Unbranded
> Condition- Excellent Vintage condition for being 90+ years old
If you are a collector of Bakelite, Celluloid, Lucite and other variations of Vintage jewelry of this type then you will love adding this to your collection.  I believe this to be a very rare find as I could not find this exact item anywhere online.  Personally, I would not recommend wearing this only because of its age and potential to be damaged; however, for the right buyer you could wear it to hold a light scarf in place.  Please note this is a very delicate item as I had two and one broke while handling.
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