Rare 25 Scale Vintage 1950's Dietzgen 1733 Slide Rule Original Storage Sleeve

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This is for the purchase of a single Eugene Dietzgen Multiplex Decimal Trig Log Log Slide Rule.  The item in photos is actual item being purchased.  Please send a message if you have any questions.
***One Dietzgen's best rules, still in incredible condition! Dietzgen's high end rules are frequently compared to that other major U.S. slide rule maker, K&E, which had very similar offerings. This model in fact is very close in design to the top of line K&E N4081-3, with the addition of an inverted DI scale on the reverse side. Like that later model K&E, this Multiplex Decimal Trig Log Log rule also features relieved wood edges, though without the labelled celluloid laminate strip the K&E models sport. In fact even their cases are almost identical, featuring black leather bolted on to a hard cardboard base. The patina of this rule remains exceptionally white, and the wood seems to be mahogany (typical in K&E rules, but Dietzgen seemed to use a variety of materials). This rule also features an all metal cursor arrangement, and has a more substantial feel than the K&E rules, although it does seem a bit dated in style. Judging from the various patent dates, this rule probably stems from the mid to late 50's, like the equivalent K&E model. Clearly one of Dietzgen's best rules
I found the following details pertaining to this slide rule on the website Slide Rule Museum... http://www.sliderulemuseum.com
***Dietzgen N1733 - Polymath Multiplex Decimal Trig Type Log Log
> Made in USA - 25 scales - S/N 011519
> Patents: Stock: 2,170,144; 2,285,722. Cursor: 2,634,912
> Front Scale LL01, K, A [ B, T<45 Cot, T>45 Cot, ST, S Cos  ] D, DI, LL1
> Rear Scale LL02LL03, DF [ CF, CIF, L, CI, C ] D, LL3, LL2
> Magnifier (Cursor) is very clear and easily slides; has stamped DIETZGEN on both edges; Glass damage in upper right corner of front
> Size- Approximately- 12 5/8" long (Closed) x 1 3/4" wide; 22 1/2" long (extended)
> Original black leather bolted on to a hard cardboard base with snap closure stamped with the Eugene Dietzgen circular logo; Storage sleeve is in absolutely fantastic condition with slight to minor marks from age.  This was well cared for.
> Age- Estimated 1950's
> Weight- Approximately 200 grams (with original storage sleeve)
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