GT04--Temporary Flash Gold Jewelry Tattoo- Flower

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These tattoos are some of the most unique and gorgeous Flash Tattoos available online.  What a great way to accessorize without getting that permanent tattoo.  Perfect for that elegant evening out where a little edge is just what you are looking for - Dances, Prom, Homecoming, Holiday Events, New Years Eve.  They look great in the sunlight while hanging out at the beach, playing beach volleyball or under the lights at your favorite dance club.  Flash Tattoos are jewelry inspired and look gorgeous.

Size - Sheet is approximately 2" tall x 5.5" wide  containing 2 individual temporary tattoos- Buy several sheets to mix and match for even more fun.  Please note picture is for illustrative purposes only and not actual size of the decal.

Material - Waterproof, non-toxic, non-allergenic; Tattoo inks contain only FDA certified pigments.


Application Directions- WORKS BEST ON AREAS OF THE BODY WITHOUT HAIR  1. Skin should be clean and free of oil and make-up  2. Cut out the tattoo and remove clear protective top sheet  3. Place tattoo face down on the skin  4. Wet back of tattoo generously with water...wait 15-30 seconds...then slide or peel away paper backing  5. GENTLY wipe tattoo with are finished!

To Remove-  Wipe away tattoo while saturating with household rubbing alcohol or baby oil

If treated with care, especially while bathing or swimming, your tattoo will last for 4-5 days or longer.  DO NOT RUB WITH TOWEL WHEN BATHING OR SWIMMING!

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