Antique Vintage Carved Scottish Red Deer Antler Necklace~ Early 1900's

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This is for the purchase of a single Antique Necklace made from Scottish Deer Antler.  Item in photos is actual item being purchased.  I am not a jewelry expert; however, I do a significant amount of research to properly identify all items to the best of my ability through group chats, vintage jewelry sites, eBay, Etsy, Ruby Lane and a significant amount of time looking through online photo banks.  Please message me with any questions.
***I was able to find a single comparison online through Ruby Lane.  I personally feel the detailing in my listing is deeper and richer; however the one from Ruby Lane is complete without damage.  The significant difference is my listing is for a product made from Scottish Red Deer and the Ruby Lane Listing is for Elk bone.  See sold listing at the following link; however there is no pricing because it already sold...
*** Please note (copied from )- " Antler from Scottish Red Deer, which is one of the largest of the deer species in the UK.  It is sourced as a natural by-product of the Scottish deer farming industry. Only the stags have antlers, which start growing in the spring and are shed each year, usually at the end of winter, as part of their natural life cycle. "
> Material-  After much research I have determined this to be made from a Scottish Red Deer Antler.  The following website provides a nice detail differencing antler and bone and also shows a great photo of a Scottish Red Deer.  Until I saw this photo I would have assumed it was Elk but I believe you can see the similarities...
> Age estimate is entirely based on both Ruby Lane listing mentioned above and researching a few other vintage & antique pieces.
> Color is a yellowish tan to creamy white but know that no two items will ever look the same as coloring can depend on diet and climate 
> Pendant Size- 1 3/4" tall x 1 1/4" wide
> Chain length- Approximately 25" (94 handcrafted beads) where beads are strung over what appears to be a cotton cord
> Beading Size- Approximately 1/4" long x 1/8" wide
> Closure- Barrel Clasp 3/4" long x 1/4" wide
> Weight- Approximately 17 grams
> Condition- For the age I feel it is in great shape; however it does have a couple issues- Front Pendant Bottom has small piece missing (6 O'Clock); Outer Frame Loop missing in two locations (11 O'Clock & 4 O'Clock)... See photos;  For an item that is more than likely over 100 years old it is in great condition for a hand carved item.
> Necklace and pendant has not ben cleaned or had any repairs.  I choose not to clean items and allow the new owner to make that decision.  I did use a soft bristle brush to remove years of dust/dirt so show more of the beauty in my photos.
> The craftsmanship is incredible and if you look closely you will see the delicate points of the antler and surrounding foliage.  The artist truly took their time to meticulously create this piece.  It was known that early artists would create an item like this with the image of the animal as the subject thus continuing the life of this wonderful animal.
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