Rare 7 Kanji China Japan Imari Hirado Porcelain Bowl Cover or Bottom~ 1860's

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This is for the purchase of a Rare 7 Kanji Character Antique Chinese or Japanese Imari or Hirado bowl/lid.  Item in photos is actual item being purchased.  Please contact me with any questions.
I have been trying to research this item for almost a year and have finally decided to list this as I've been unable to confirm anything.  The information describing this is to the best of my ability from researching eBay, Etsy, hundreds of asian antique sites, auctions and finally an appraiser.  The 7 Kanji Characters even had the appraiser confused :)
> Description from Appraiser- The interior with an underglaze blue foliate roundel within a trellis rim border, the exterior with four alternating reserves in blue, iron red & green enamel decorated with formal motifs & Buddhist Emblems on a flowered ground with small birds.  The base (or top) with pseudo Chinese six character marks of the Chinese emperor (1465-1487) & one other character, perhaps representing Mount Fuji.  Estimated to be circa 1860's
> Comment from Appraiser- "I think this comes from the period immediately before Japan opened up to the west in 1867.  Although it is a bit fanciful on my part, having put the "wrong" Chinese mark on the item, perhaps the last character is just put there to remind one that it is in fact from Japan.  I believe this to be the cover of a bowl & not the bowl itself!  In Japan, very often the cover to a bowl fits INSIDE the bowl, coming to rest a little way below the rim."
> Asking price is a little lower than recommended Auction Value by Appraiser
> Alternate Opinion on origin provided by a reputable eBay member-  "This is a very fine "bottom" for a covered bowl set from the Hizen area of Kyushu Island, Japan, dating probably to the late Edo (or early Meiji periods) - early to mid 19th Century. The underglaze blue decorations around the foot and inside rim point to a probable Hirado-yaki manufacturer rather than Arita Imari. The fineness of the painting and the beautiful design also point to Hirado (there will be some disagreement with this Hirado designation since many "experts" think Hirado was limited to blue and white porcelain production during the nearly 400 years Hirado wares were being produced."
> Size- Approximately 4 1/8" round; foot is approximately 1 5/8" round; Height is 1" with bowl depth approximately 5/8"
> Material- Porcelain
> Condition- No chips or cracks (white section in photos show a reflection of my pool screen); was gold on rim but most is gone; bottom of foot shows dirt from where it sits; It does have a moriage (raised) feel when I run my fingers over the surface
> Colors- Cobalt Blue, Greens, Iron Red, Pink and of course the gold gilding
> Other information-  As I mentioned above, I have searched extensively for information on the characters on the bottom but cannot find anything with 7 characters; the closest I could find was Da Ming Chenghua Nian Zhi but very unsure. I couldn't determine if this is Chinese or Japanese which is why I was willing to contact an appraiser
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Please contact MadeyGear if you have questions.  I offer a full refund only if I have failed to describe the item properly.  Every effort has been made to research and authentic the accuracy of this item.