1973 Yearling Young Bobcat Print Wildlife~ Signed Richard Evans Younger

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This is for the purchase of a single print from Richard Evans Younger called "Yearling Young Bobcat". The item in photos is the actual item being purchased.  Please look at photos closely as this original print is not in perfect condition.
***Richard Evans Younger is one of America’s most prolific wildlife artists. His work is displayed around the world in private, business and government collections. Limited-edition productions of his paintings are sought by collectors. In fact, when limited-editions of his paintings were first published in Europe in the late ’60s, it was considered to be the foundation for the limited-edition print market that established quickly in America and continues to flourish today.

Richard attended the Kansas City Art Institute and later returned to Missouri to receive an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts. He was commissioned by the late Julius Fleischmann to research and paint his collection of waterfowl. Later, his paintings were featured in McClane’s New Standard Fishing Encyclopedia, earning him the title “Audubon of Fish.” More of Richard’s paintings were used in the Field Guide to Fresh Water Fish of North America, Field Guide to Salt Water Fish of North America and Field & Stream’s International Fishing Guide; and, he collaborated with botanist Julia Morton on the Golden Book, Exotic Plants, in which he did watercolor paintings of the plants and flowers. Richard’s work was featured in an important art book, Wildlife Art, for Quarry Books.

Artist- Richard Evans Younger

Print Name- Yearling Young Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Created- 1973

Description from Artist- "With all youngsters, an afternoon 'catnap' is a must.  With al the things a growing bobcat must learn in his first year, it can sure take a lot out of a guy.  It feels so good to lay in the fork of a tree and soak up the warm sun in the spring-time.  Those first six months were easy when Mom was bringing in the meals.  All a guy had to do then was play with his brothers and sisters.  Now, almost a year old, he is on his own, but, a little nap before evening never hurt anyone.  Time enough then to forage for dinner, and that's a tough job these days."

Size- Approximately 19 1/4" x 25 3/4"

Condition- Poor and unfortunately unloved by the previous owner. I tried to take photos from all angles so the condition is seen.  The edges are brown, there are two very small crimps on the edge where I would assume framing nails pressed against the picture and there is a small tear at the top edge (about 1/4") in the tree branch.  It is truly depressing to see this wonderful signed print in such unappreciated condition.  The picture itself appears to have no marks or damage.  Based on what I have found online during my research it also looks like the previous owner or framer trimmed the bottom of the picture thus removing the artist's picture title.  I can only assume they just did whatever to fit it into a frame which is sad.

***I hope someone that can appreciate Mr. Youngers work will refurbish and bring this beautiful piece of art to life again.

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