10 Antique Vintage French Photo Postcards Amiens Cathedrale Cirque Beffroi Horloge

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This is for the purchase of a single set of WWI / WWII photos of Amiens, France.  The items in the photos are the actual items being purchased.
>  After a lengthy time of research and contact with a variety of photo and postcard collectors, I have determined these photos to be from the late WWI timeframe and possibly not sold until the early WWII timeframe.  The comments I make are based on email discussion with collectors online that have informed me they have looked at surrounding buildings, vehicles, boats, Surrounding locations and shoppe names to help in identifying timeframe.  If you discover something that dispute this, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you so I can better represent this item.
> Photos have a slight silver gelatin finish (not all but some)
> The Army Examiner Stamp and military censorship leads me to believe these were mailed during WWII.  Censorship was not as prevalent in WWI and the Examiner's Stamp in WWI was round not rectangular.
> I tried to figure out a location tied to the Army Examiner Stamp 51267 but had no luck
> I could not find anything on the Editor R. LeLong either but perhaps he was related to G. LeLong who produced many photographic postcards of France during WWI
> I'm also guessing the 1940's because these photos have deckle or serrated edges which was a popular style in the 1940's
>  Souvenir photo sets like this were very popular from the 1920's to 1940's.  Soldiers were able to send these photos home to family showing where they were located without showing war detail.
> The consensus among several one my contacts made similar statements that based on cars, buildings and people visible in the photos these were produced from images taken in the late 1920's to early 1930's but were not mailed until the 1940's
> Size- Approximately 3 3/8" x 2 1/2" 
> Photos include- 1) La Cathédrale 2) La Cathédrale Elevation Sud 3) La Vue Générale 4) La Cathédrale et le Marche sur l'eau 5) Le Musee 6) Le Beffroi 7) L'Horloge 8) Le Marche sur l'eau 9) Le Cirque 10)Le Vieil Amiens, La rue des Tanneurs
> Stamped- Passed By US Army Examiner 51267
Perfect for the collector of old photographs, Antique / Vintage French items or WWI & WWII memorabilia 
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