About Us

MadeyGear was established in 2012. We have expanded our product selection to include the very popular Treasure Chest, Vinyl Decals, Surfing Pendants/Necklaces and Temporary Tattoos.

It all started with my passion for gymnastics.  I would always find a place to practice like public parks, amusement park lines and concrete curbs. My parents supported me through 8+ years and it was my father who began creating gymnastics gear for myself and my teammates. He even took a sewing class to understand how to make better quality grip bags.  Though my passion for the sport began to wear off as I reached higher competitive levels, my parents still support me and have followed me onto other activities.

My love for the ocean led to more water related interests to include swimming, flow riding, surfing, stand up paddle boarding and eventually beach volleyball.  The majority of my spare time is now consumed with indoor and beach volleyball.

I have found many things that make my family happy. So here at MadeyGear, we would like to share with you products that reflect who we are and what we enjoy.  Please visit us frequently for new items.

~ Madey ~