Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Viking Ship Tray Dish VIKINGESKIBE~ 3479

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This is for the purchase of a single 1980s Royal Copenhagen Dish with Viking Ship design.  Item in photos is actual item being purchased.
Age- 1980-1984- based on website royalcopenhagen  ;  A Line below the N in Copenhagen;  It is difficult to tell but also could be a dot under the N in Copenhagen which would date this as 1949
Grade B- based on royalcopenhagen ;  This dish has several small blue dots on front however they could be normal and represented as seagulls.  Royal Copenhagen has during many years made standards for the quality that are attached to or identified with Royal Copenhagen. There are some specific requirements for the products that are sold by Royal Copenhagen. It might be technical demands, or it might be visual demands. The differences between A - and B grade are often small deviations in the visual apperance of the porcelain. The flaws that are accepted in B-grade will e.g. never have something to do with utility properties. A typical B-grade flaw could be a small spot - black, brown, and blue- on the front side of a dish. On the back side more small spots are allowed. It might also be some limited warping or small deviation, that is recognizable - but does not influence e.g., that a dish is standing firmly on the table. The often not recognizable flaws, which might result in a B-grade item, typically come from the manual production process and thus a natural part of the porcelain production. B-grade is indicated on the porcelain as a scratch in the glaze, over the three wavelines in the back stamp
Painted by- artist initials FA
Pattern- Viking Ship
Colors- Blues and Gray
Hallmarks- 3479
Size- Approximately 4 1/8" square x 7/8" tall
Weight- Approximately 114 grams 
Dish is incredibly clean without chips, marks or signs of repairs
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